Rose Quartz Palm Stones


Incorporate your pair of Rose Quartz Palm Stones into your next self-care session to show yourself a little extra love and kindness. As a stone of love, Rose Quartz connects to your heart and fills you with the energy of love, one of the highest vibrations on the planet. By boosting feelings of happiness, joy, and connection, your Rose Quartz Palm Stones can support your overall well-being.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes self-love and self-care
  • Has a soft and gentle yet uplifting and comforting energy
  • Boosts happiness and positivity
  • Comes with 2 palm stones (About 1.5” to 2" in size)

 How to Use: 

  1. When you want to connect with the energy of love or treat yourself to a moment for yourself, hold one of your Rose Quartz Palm Stones in each hand and hold the stones over your heart.
  2. Close your eyes, and allow the stones to fill you with love, happiness, and positivity. 
  3. When you are finished, place your Rose Quartz Palm Stones somewhere you will see them each day as a reminder of the love and happiness that surrounds you.

The rosy pink color of the Rose Quartz crystal is a perfect representation of its energy – soft, gentle, comforting, and full of love. By opening your heart and filling you with loving vibrations, Rose Quartz is known to support love of all kinds. One of the most powerful aspects of working with Rose Quartz is the way it boosts feelings of self-love. The stone reminds you to be loving and kind toward yourself, and encourages you to show yourself love each and every day. 

These Rose Quartz Palm Stones come in a set of two, allowing you to work with both stones together in your self-love and self-care rituals. Use them together on a daily basis to support your relationship with yourself and treat yourself to some quality “me-time” or use them whenever you find yourself wanting a deeper sense of connection in your life.

CBD FAQs - CBD 101 - Energy Muse Wellness

What is CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, and it is naturally occurring non-intoxicating, essential oil extracted from the hemp plant that promotes overall health and wellbeing.

Will Energy Muse Wellness products get me high?

No! All Energy Muse Wellness products are made with organic hemp broad spectrum oils and isolate hemp extract that contain zero THC.

Why hemp, and not marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis. Marijuana contains THC, which is the cannabinoid that causes a high. Hemp contains a negligible amount of THC (less than 0.3% THC). This means that hemp oil is non-psychotropic and non-psychoactive – it does not make you feel high. Hemp produces CBD, which is the naturally occurring essential oil extracted from the hemp plant.

How does CBD work?

CBD enters the body and interacts with the receptors in the body’s internal systems, called the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and connective tissue, among others.

Where is the CBD used in Energy Muse Wellness products grown?

The CBD used in Energy Muse Wellness products comes from organic Hemp grown in the USA. We source our organic hemp from a vegan (EFU) Exclusive Farm Use 80-acre family owned farm located in Washington County, Oregon.

Is the CBD used in Energy Muse Wellness products full spectrum or broad spectrum?

The CBD used in Energy Muse Wellness products is broad spectrum, which means the CBD products are created from the entire plant, including leaves, flowers, stem, and seeds, but contains no THC. Broad spectrum CBD products contain an array of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes but do not contain THC. To create broad spectrum CBD, the hemp plant must undergo additional processing to remove as much trace amounts of THC as possible while still preserving its therapeutic properties. Broad spectrum CBD offers all of the whole-plant benefits without the intoxicating effects.

How much should I use? 

You can use our topical products on an as-needed basis. For the best results, we recommend using them daily, 1-3 times per day. 

Why CBD & Crystals - Energy Muse Wellness

Energy Muse Wellness products merge our 20+ years worth of knowledge and experience in the healing crystal world with the high grade plant ingredients and CBD. When you combine CBD and crystals, they enhance each other and work together to create an even more powerful healing experience. The reason combining CBD and crystals is so powerful is that each one addresses a different aspect of your well-being. While the CBD works primarily on a physical level to support your body’s health and wellness, the crystals work primarily on an energetic level to support your mental and emotional health. Each one contributes a different health benefit and together they form an all-in-one wellness experience for both immediate benefits and long-term support.  

The combination of plants and crystals is a natural fit, not only because they work well together but also because they grow together in nature. The essential oils, including hemp oil, and crystals both act as nature’s cure to physical and mental effects of modern life. Each strengthens the power of the other and together the duo of energies is greater than each one separately. 

In the world of wellness, there are rarely any “one-size-fits-all” approaches to taking care of yourself and feeling your best. But by combining multiple healing modalities into one easy-to-use product, you can get the most amount of benefits with the least amount of effort. Rather than having an endless list of wellness chores to complete, our Energy Muse Wellness products allow you to receive the healing benefits of CBD, crystals, and essential oils in one convenient experience. 

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