The Formula for Your Best Night of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your wellness, but deep + restful sleep can be hard to come by. Our newest wellness formula for your best night of sleep can help you set yourself up for success when it comes time to hit the hay – here’s what to do:

You’ll need:

Your practice:

  1. Take a relaxing bath with the Unwind CBD Bath Soak. Featuring broad spectrum CBD, epsom salts, lavender essential oil and Clear Quartz crystal, these CBD bath salts are designed to help you wind down at the end of your day, making them the perfect first step for your nighttime routine and pre-sleep ritual. 
  2. After your bath, apply the Unwind CBD Balm Stick to your temples, wrists or pressure points for on-the-spot relaxation before you go to bed. Featuring 300mg of CBD plus a blend of soothing essential oils and Clear Quartz crystal chips, this balm stick promotes sound sleep. 
  3. Use the Lepidolite Mushroom Massager to roll out any remaining tension, specifically on your feet, neck, temples, and around the eyes. As a powerful crystal for relieving stress and anxiety, Lepidolite has a calming effect that helps you get ready for sleep. The mushroom massager also provides deep physical benefits by helping to release tightness or tension from your body. To use it, hold the bottom of the massager and use the top to gently rub the affected areas. 
  4. Sleep soundly!

Combining 20+ years of knowledge + experience in the crystal world for a brand new CBD experience...